Join Work on Preschool Education Promotion

May 13, 2021

Working meetings with the representatives of the local self-governments and preschool institutions involved in the SUPER project were held 11-13 May 2021.

The importance of promotion of preschool education were discussed after strategies for improving preschool education at the local level were adopted. So far, 25 local governments (out of a total of 50 involved in SUPER project) adopted those strategies. 

The main goal of strategy is to improve the quality of preschool education, as well as to develop a network of public preschool institutions in order to ensure accessible, accessible, quality and inclusive preschool education for all children, especially from vulnerable social groups.

Promotional activities to be organized in cooperation with other institutions and media on local level, will contribute to raising awareness of importance of role of kindergarten for every child, family and community as a whole.

Numerous examples of preschool websites as well as their social networks confirmed that promotion of work and activities is continuous and successful. Their common goal is that all preschool children have equal opportunities for learning and development, to have right to affordable and quality preschool education. 

The meetings, which were attended by all local self-governments and preschool institutions involved in the project, were held in a digital environment. If the epidemiological situation is more favourable, preschool institutions and local self-governments will try to improve visibility of their work in the coming period.
The SUPER project will provide them with all necessary support in designing, planning and implementation of media promotions by the end of June 2021.

The meeting was led by Lidija Miškeljin, project Team leader, and Veliborka Staletović, communication expert.