Workshops for Preschool Teachers “Inspirational Environment for Integrated Learning“

August 23, 2020

The preschool teachers from preschool institutions "Kolibri" from Bač, "Radost" from Čoka, "Poletarac" from Koceljeva, "Poletarac" from Batočina, "Lasta" from Golubac, "14. oktobar" from Malo Crniće and "Lane" from Kučevo attened the workshops „Inspirational environment for integrated learning“. The workshops were held 22 and 23 August 2020 , in the local self-governments where preschool institutions are based after brake due to epidemic of COVID-19, with respect to all imposed protection measures of all participants.

The purpose of these trainings is to strengthen capacity of preschool teachers to develop a quality inclusive program based on contemporary pedagogical concepts in line with the new Preschool  Curriculum Framework “Years of Ascent”. The training is accredited by the Minister's decision and is on the List of Programs of Public Importance.

The Preschool  Curriculum promotes programs created through joint participation, in a space that is inspiring and provocative for child and where he can freely explore, play, think, cooperate with others, try and get to know world around him.

An   integrated    approach    to   learning    and development implies  that children should  learn through   integrated    experience   related   to their activity   and  situations   that  make  sense  and  are meaningful to them, rather    than     through separated   contents    and   activities related    to specific education areas or aspects  of development. (Years of Ascent)

The trainings were held based on obtained consents of the Institute of Public Health of each individual municipality, as well as the municipal Crisis Response Teams.

The dynamics of the implementation of trainings in coming period, such as those held, will take place in accordance with the previously obtained opinion of the local Institutes of Public Health and municipal Crisis Response Teams for emergency situations.

It is planned that 1500 preschool teachers from 50 preschool institutions included in the SUPER project will participate at these trainings, in whose kindergartens there are about 10.000 children.