Inspiring Environment for Integrated Learning of Children – Trainings for Preschool Teachers

March 2, 2020

The preschool teachers from Zitiste, Irig, Velika Plana, Trstenik, Knjazevac and Loznica attended the first training sessions on building an inspirational environment for integrated learning of children.

The purpose of these trainings is to strengthen capacity of preschool teachers to develop a quality inclusive program based on contemporary pedagogical concepts in line with the new Fundamentals of the Curriculum of Preschool Education “Years of Uplift”.

This training is accredited and is on the List of Programs of Public Interest approved by the Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development.

Total of 44 training sessions will be organized which will be implemented as a two-day training: 2 days in pre-school + 1 day online.

It is envisaged that 1500 preschool teachers from 50 preschool institutions involved in the SUPER project participate at trainings.